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take a large group sailing? Please note that we dont have enough refrigeration space to accommodate your food and beverages. Once I get to the Museum where should I go? Do bring sun protection such as a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and rain gear if applicable. Why is she here? Do you have gift cards available for sails? The recipient will receive an email coupon reduction keep cool with their electronic gift card and your message. . Let the person at the gift shop know you are here for a sail that day and show them your confirmation page or ticket(s). .

How much does it cost to go on a sail? Howard before contacting us with questions. . Will I have any time to visit the Museum?

210 to talk about a date, time, and type of sail that is available and right for your group. . If you arrive through the Museums front entrance (through the gift shop a Museum staff member can direct you to where you need to go to check in for the sail. Niagara in Erie to enhance the visitor experience at the Erie Maritime Museum while ultimately expanding the Flagship Niagara Leagues existing sail training program. . The large tower you see near the Sheraton is the Bicentennial Tower at Dobbins Landing, which gives great views of Presque Isle from the top (there are stairs or an elevator). . You can use the gift card to book another sail on either Niagara or Lettie. If you cannot make your sail anymore please contact us at 814.452.2744 ext. Plus, they are bad luck on ships and our superstitious crew wont allow. Please note that AS OF MAY 2018, OUR parking information HAS changed. I am a member of the Flagship Niagara League but I want to purchase sail tickets for my friends or family who arent members of the Flagship Niagara League. We will find your booking and resend you the confirmation email. Howard has dominos discount code uk benches to sit. The ship does not routinely carry an EMT, RN, or MD onboard. .