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debt capital markets, Crdit Agricole CIB. That leaves around Eu2bn for the next two years. Blorgey, Crdit Agricole: In terms of AT1 needs, everything is now in the market. Members of the European Parliaments economic and monetary committee (econ) had two weeks earlier, on 10 November, called on the ECB and European authorities to ensure that EU banks are not disadvantaged under upcoming Basel Committee on Banking Supervision changes to Basel III (a.k.a. So clearly, market permitting, we wanted to issue before the blackout period. Obviously these discussions will now steer us to issue some Tier 2 one day. Under current market conditions, and assuming an identical credit strength, how much would you value the spread difference probleme groupon qui contacter between the two instruments? Du Boislouveau, Crdit Agricole CIB: One thing that is very interesting that we heard not during this roadshow but the previous one is that some of these investors want to be treated similarly to equity investors. And the level of liquidity is indeed perceived to be lower in euros. It is important to note that a lengthy implementation and phase-in period is likely to be part of this package. The timing was decisive.

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Will we see casa back in the capital space soon? Blorgey, Crdit Agricole: There were only two very small amendments to the structure, both dictated by regulatory developments. Coupon:.5, maturity:, rating: B (Fitch B (Standards Poors). As I said earlier, any further developments would be linked with other topics, that is to say an increase in RWAs due to Basel IV or other regulatory pressures, or because we would develop part of the business and. Basel awaited, notably absent from the European Commissions package of measures was an increase in capital requirements for banks something that has nonetheless been a focus of negotiations over revisions to the latest iteration of the Basel Capital Accord. AT1 impact, two key changes affect the treatment of Additional Tier 1 securities.