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as some of the other brands. Yes, and I even recommend them over the sacred brand of Twins Special which many people are fawn over. Also note that Twins dont tend to last as long as some of the other glove brands, especially in hot and humid countries not unless you go to great lengths to dry them out and properly maintain them. The gloves offer some serious value for what you get. But for long bag work durations, you are better off using a heavy glove to protect your hands from long term damage. Some of the gloves are made for specific usages while other are more general and can be used for any activity. They just want a glove that feels good protects your hand and is a pleasure to punch things with.

In a crowded and mature market with more than 10 major Muay Thai glove brands to choose from (not to mention the countless American MMA brands clamoring for attention Fairtex still manages to stand out as the best of the best for pure Muay Thai. Twins are the most popular Muay Thai glove, and they have a very different fit and feel to Fairtex. The fact is that budget is not that big of a factor when considering your Muay Thai glove buy. Fairtex have a nice balance to them the gloves are sized significantly smaller than the equivalent sized twins or TOP king gloves. Note at the budget level, we are not really giving picks that are based on classic Muay Thai designs, but rather price here. However, the brand has been around for a long, long time and are not a bad deal for the price you pay. For functionality, go with another brand. They are slightly smaller in size than Twins or Top King gloves, which makes them better for sparring.

The look, shape, and overall design can be drastically different than the classic glove you are used to seeing. Why Venum Challenger.0s Made this List If you are in the United States, Venum gloves offer some of the best bang for your buck for a starter glove you can use the gloves for boxing, MMA, or pure Muay Thai and the price is very. Making them one of the more expensive Thai gloves on the market so youll have to decide whether the look of the glove is worth the extra cost. The feeling is that Muay Thai is Muay Thai and MMA is MMA and there is little cross over between the two sports (at least in Thailand proper). The build quality is about the same as Twins, but the fit and look are quite a bit different.