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RZA and is currently working on an album. They released a few singles and appeared on songs by other Wu -Tang affiliates. GZA 's teenage son, he first appeared on the intro to his father's Legend of the Liquid Sword album and then released a cover of his father's "Killa Hills 10304". (short for Klik Ga Bow) is a group made up of rappers Asiatic, Ill Knob, Raheem, and DJ Kin. Rugged Monk and Crisis recorded a trio of albums along with former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante : The Medieval Chamber, The Almighty, and Excalibur. Artists Include: RedBaren907, Dungeon Masta, Young Dirty Bastard, BoNasty, sons D G and Free Murda. His name is derived from the horror film legend Freddy Krueger. Stefano and Mike joined the group in 2011 as interns, but quickly escalated to the top with songs accounting for their daily trials and tribulations as interns. Tash Mahogany edit Model, actress, and musician (sings and raps) who was discovered by Berretta.k.a. He was also featured on Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar 's debut solo album The 5 Album, on the track "Young Godz together with GZA's son Young Justice and Lord Jamar's son Young Lord. With the blessings and guidance of Buddha Monk, 12 o'clock, Merdoc UZD was born as a off branch of Brooklyn e group consist of Nahbi Reality, Lex-Supa, BxYungGz, Popsoundz, Mike Boston, DG Kash, Deus Danjah Da Hood.

Error Code 41 What is worse, they could lead to several system errors like freezing, blue screen and even crash. They are at times directly funded, supported, or produced by Clan members, are formed as extension groups originating from Clan members, or close to The Clan.

Member of the Brooklyn Zu clique and also makes up half the duo 2 On The code reduction rodeur run Road with Prodigal Sunn. She was asked by RZA to work with Tekitha and other female singers affiliated with Wu -Tang to work on a "Black Shampoo Project but nothing ever materialized. Young Dirty Bastard released his first album in 2011 entitled Food Stamp Celebrity Vol. Universal Zu Disciplez edit This team out of Rhode Island is Mentored by Buddha Monk (Brooklyn Zu) and part of the Zu Bulliez family. They released their first album All About the Money in 2003. Her first collaboration was with Sunz of Man on the Five Deadly Venom mixtape called We Can't Be Touched, produced by Ray Rolls and Tony Touch. The group is composed of Drunken Dragon, Espionage (deceased War, Babyface Fensta, Chilli Black, Lee-Major, G-Note, Professor King Bean (deceased and Born U Majesty. He was signed to GZA 's small label Liquid Swords Entertainment.

Northstar edit Main article: Northstar (rap group) Orphanage edit A group consisting of members 4th Disciple, Beretta 9, Lord Superb, associate of Rae and Ghost, and ShoGun Assason. Lord was killed in a car accident on June 13, 1997.