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following day, some 750 people had already paid Groupon for a voucher to have a bargain meal at his pub. Dreamlodge 59 km, amsterdam: Up to 4 Nights with Flights. Laois: 4* 1- or 2-Night Stay with Prosecco.

And disastrously, because the deal she offered had been so generous and demand so huge, she made a loss on every order, wiping out her profits for the entire year. But she claims it stayed on for longer despite her contacting Groupon to complain by which time 300 of the deals had been sold. But she was shocked by its sheer power and has worried about the damage it can do to businesses trapped by over-committing themselves. The plan was to reduce the oven scrub service by 25 to 70 and they hoped that this would lead to 1,000 new sales. She says: We realised to our cost that we became Groupon slaves. Donegal: Up to 3-Night Stay with Breakfast Bay View Hotel Killybegs Budapest: Up to 4-Night 4* Stay with Breakfast City Hotel Budapest Budapest. The pub has just 15 tables and is open only in the evenings, with Fridays and Saturdays already booked up by paying customers. They know that failure to honour the vouchers could actually mean their reputation is damaged rather than enhanced.

Camber Sands.4 km, northumberland: Up to 3 Nights with Breakfast. Portland 120.3 km, east Sussex: Stay with Breakfast, eastbourne.3 km Hertfordshire: 1- or 2-Night 4* Stay with Breakfast Welwyn.4 km Krakow: 2-4 Nights with Flights Krakow Cotswolds: Up to 3 Nights with Breakfast Kineton.6 km Cornwall: 1 or 2 Nights with Prosecco. The system works as follows: subscribers log on to Groupons deal-a-day website where they can buy a voucher that offers a number of daily discount deals on anything from restaurant meals to spa treatments. Contact Info: Phone Contact Numbers, customers have the ability to contact a customer service representative during regular business hours in order to check the status of a deal, inquire about upcoming deals, locate order or find various methods to grow business. It has run three Groupon deals this year and seen business increase by 30 per cent. Donegal: Up to 3 Nights with Breakfast Mulroy Woods Milford. Customer Service Email, email communication is typically a faster method to contact customer service, especially after business hours. Recently, the Mail told the story of businesswoman Rachel Brown, who also signed up to Groupon only to regret it very quickly. I am exhausted, he explains. Some claim that Groupon failed to make them sufficiently aware of the potentially high number of customers who would take advantage of the bargain deals.