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Enslave the bandits of these cursed lands and force them to serve beneath your feet and do your bidding by breaking their will on the Wheel of Pain. Space Engineers is the next step.

Try us out, you will not be sorry. Ready to defend your land with an army of slaves and build your legacy in a vast seamless world? It will remain in this state until enough feedback has been taken into consideration and implemented. Featuring open world survival in a sandbox universe, it allows you to construct bases and ships, planetary outposts, and even space stations.

Currently available on Steam Early Access, the game is going through a cycle of constant development and improvement, with new features being added regularly. With its volumetric-based physics engine, players can quite literally break and build at will. Space Engineers uses the engine vrage.0, which was developed by Keen Software House. Space Engineers Game Information. Are you ready to build, survive and dominate? This led to the first game by the studio, called "Miner Wars 2081". However, for the sake of enjoyable and interactive gameplay, some changes have been made which are not as "realistic" as they could. Space Engineers is a space exploration game with a range of goals. We are also at an extremely low price for the time being so grab a bargain while they remain at this low price. Then try the online multiplayer and battle your enemies as well as make allies. It is more about the machinery and marvels that you build as opposed to the number of players you beat in combat.