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between McDonald's and Simon Marketing broke down in a pair of lawsuits over breach of contract, eventually settled out of court, with McDonald's' claim being thrown out and Simon receiving.6 million. In 2011, the game was changed again the mascot, Rich Uncle Pennybags (aka "Mr.

Although game rules prohibited the transfer of prizes, McDonald's waived the rule and is making the 50,000 annual payments. 2 In 2016, the Monopoly game returned.

Players must click on "Spin" first, and if it landed on "GO! Un aliexpress coupon 10 off jeu driv et non pas une version classique. If it is the pre-selected winning card, the player wins the pre-selected prize. McDonald's added Golden Avenue and Arches Avenue for 2008 only; the prize for obtaining both was 100,000. Restrictions edit For all versions of the online game, players are restricted to a set number of online entries per day. In the UK (2018-). For all versions of the online game, players are allowed to enter 10 codes per day.