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a ticket previously used on the Metro for a bus or tram. For art enthusiasts under 26, the Louvre offers free admission on Friday nights, from 6 pm 9:45 pm, making this another alternative to see some great artwork for nothing. Fortunately, with all the cafs and bistros in Paris, there are some wonderful ways to save your hard-earned travel funds. While the Vlib service is being revamped through 2018 with the new name of Vlib Mtropole, other services, such as GoBee and Ofo are popping up, offering station-free bike rentals. If youre going to take the Metro, or any other form of public transportation frequently, consider purchasing a 5-Day Pass. Airbnb, for single travelers, groups, and families, Airbnb makes a lot of sense. Cooking Classes Though often the domain of travelers with a bit more means, cooking classes are a great way to get a peek inside the local culture and figure out how to make some local cuisine. Why not grab a chilled vin blanc while youre at it and relax with friends on the riverbank with the rest of the city. The Local Bakery, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of bakeries around Paris. What to Do in Paris A view of the iconic Eiffel Tower is just one of many sites in Paris that cost nothing.

Gobee bike code promo
gobee bike code promo

gobee bike code promo

His 24/7 bike rental service aims to have 300,000 bikes spread across the globe by the end of 2017. Gobee.bike is Hong Kongs first bicycle-sharing service. It makes use of a smartphone application, currently available for Android devices. Bikes For years, Vlib was the only bike service in town. You would go to a station of bicycles, punch in a few numbers on a machine and unlock a bike that you could ride across town and park at another station.0354.0501.0502.0503.0505.0700.030.0700.075.0750.010.0750.020.0750.030.0750.040.0750.050.4000.4040.5300.

If youre planning to see more than a single museum a day, this will quickly pay for itself. Think about saving even more by signing up for a carte de fidelity ( club card) which normally has some extra discounts and savings immediately available. If youre looking to seriously save money, you can ask to buy only half of a baguette, which is considered entirely normal. Between the museums and galleries, performances and nightlife, you can easily spend hundreds of euros in a single day! Romance aside, the truth is, Paris can be as expensive as any city in the world. Its a word on the tip of every bordeaux-stained Parisian tongue.

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