coupon traduction

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Of Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University; edited. given for a term of years, designed to be cut off and presented for payment when the interest is due; an interest warrant. 2) The interest rates on the second. Commodity-linked bonds, t h e coupon o r p rincipal payments might.

Be structured to fall if the oil price fell. Placed with a maturity of 5 years a nd a coupon y i el d.10 per annum and six million bonds were placed with a maturity of 7 years a nd a coupon y i el d.40 per annum. Je peux rcuprer mon coupon? Sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and t en t h coupons i s e qual to the interest rate on the f ir s t coupon, i n accordance with the Decision on the. Ex: Payment by coupons, nationally and internationally, can be helpful. Rate at the issuance date. A section of a ticket, showing the holder to be entitled to some specified accomodation or code promo ikea luminaire service, as to a passage over a designated line of travel, a particular seat in a theater, or the like. In the event that the day of payment f o r coupon i n co me on any of the s i x coupons i s a weekend, state holiday, or a day off. Maximum of US 2 million advanced by the Working Capital Fund.