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with another players Avatar. When he insists on taking the main character and Sakura somewhere separate from the others based on flimsy excuses, Hinoka comes to the rescue and declares that no noble would ever act this way, causing Izana to complain that his impersonation was perfect and reveal. In the Hoshido path, he is in a more straightforwardly-antagonistic role as the ruler of the invading kingdom and (somewhat predictably) is the Final Boss.

She died and got replaced by Arete, who was viewed as a Replacement Scrappy and greatly disliked. Undying Loyalty : Any characters that are allies regardless of which path is chosen likely has this toward the Avatar, considering the fact that following the Avatar may entail them defecting from their home kingdom. Their outfits serve as a fourth foil: The Avatar wears rigid silver and black armor (the latter being a color associated with Nohr) with stiff clothing underneath; Azura wears a puffy, flowing white dress (white being associated with Hoshido) with gold accents. You can also buy items and equipment and possibly recruit new units or learn new skills this way. However, two of the Avatar's siblings from the opposing side die groupon lyon bien etre in the process (Xander and Elise, or Ryoma and Takumi leading to one of the surviving siblings (Leo or Hinoka) serving as king/queen in their stead, not to mention the various amount of Non. Depending on which route you're on, Lilith either has an offensive skill called Astral Breath or a healing skill called Astral Blessing (or both on Revelation). The Avatar's group always visits Izumo, only to find out that Archduke Izana is being impersonated by a Nohrian named Zola.

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