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going out of business. The hidden auction, underlying Groupons success is an auction. A Groupon IPO will likely generate a fortune for early investors, according to market analysts. It has a staff of 1,500 working at locations in cities throughout the.S.

Please submit your question using the form below. Please note these in quires are for Investor Relations only. Looking for help from Groupon. Groupon is a dea l-of-the-day website that offers discounted gift certificates usable.

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There are plenty of marketing programs you can use; does it make sense to use this one, asks Dholakia. The business is in a hole before they get their 30- and 60-day Groupon payouts. Google famously offered to buy the site for 6 billion but got rejected. The merchant agreement is one of the most lopsided Ive seen. The operating costs don't change based on the number of people who show. Revenue from subsequent daily deals help pay for the obligations created by the first one. In short, the two companies are not related. Our merchant arrangements are generally structured such that we collect cash axyz coupon up front when our customers purchase Groupons and make payments to our merchants at a subsequent date. Even getting 200 a month (2,400 a year) is a high hurdle to meet. Some let the same customer buy 3 or more of the same deal. I know we did 50/50 last time, but Im thinking Groupon gets 70 this time.) Hacking Groupon How would you exploit an overpriced loan?

groupon groupon contact

Groupon, the group buying site offering daily deals, has proven. Because the Groupon customer base is made up of deal-seekers and.